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    Chef Jasbir, Simi and Param
  All our dishes are prepared fresh daily from authentic recipes brought lovingly  from  India. Our gas-fired tandoori oven is the centerpiece of our kitchen where many kinds of naan emerge along with all our chicken, meat and fish dishes.
   I've been all over the world and sampled fine   Indian Cuisine, then back home it was very   hard to find a really good restaurant - until     that is, when I found Tandoori Nites.           Consistently excellent food, friendly staff and   we will  always treasure this place.  ~ Pete D., Galt, CA

For lunch, you can choose among six to eight entrees on our buffet, plus dessert and salad. Or you can order from our menu.

We also feature a full bar.  

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Naomi L.

Long ago, I didn't know what good Indian food tasted like...and then I came to Tandoori Nites and my world was turned upside down. It's a family owned business that constantly makes quality food.Of course, always have to get Chicken Tikka Masala and garlic naan! Compared to other places, the tikka masala is definitely sweeter and more tomato-y, which makes it so easy to eat. I also like the Saag Paneer here as well, but winner is the Tikka Masala.Sometimes they have dinner buffet, which is more worth getting than the regular entree, but it's always random when it happens. I always recommend Tandoori Nites to everyone whenever they want Indian food in Stockton. Tandoori Nites is such a gem in Stockton and I'm going to be so sad when I can't have easy access to it anymore!


Marcelina L.

Amazing food! Everything is so delicious. I can't remember what we all ordered but the food was out of this world! The naan bread was so fresh. They have a dish that has shrimp in some cream sauce it was amazing, the shrimp was buttery and NOT over cooked. We have been back often.


Tiffany H.

Phoned in an order on a weekday during lunch time. They advised me it would be ready in 25 minutes, which was pretty accurate considering the time it took me to drive there and the short amount of time I waited in the restaurant. I ordered the chicken tikka masala and naan. The food was fresh and was a large enough serving for me to split it into two meals. I loved the naan!! Definitely going to order the garlic naan next time.


Nika H.

We LOVE tandoori nites. Restaurants in stockton are pretty hit and miss, but every time we have eaten at this sweet family owned Indian place we have been so pleased with our food and service! The chicken biryani and chicken tikka masala are our favorites, as well as the smoothies and mango lassi. The hosts are quick and so accommodating, and everything is made in house and fresh to order. Just make sure on the weekends you call to make sure they don't have big catering orders because sometimes they'll just open up the buffet line which is not quite as good as single orders. Tandoori nites is a must eat in stockton !


Karrie C.

The service is great. The food is bomb.... their nans are freshly made, food is tasty but not salty like other places we went to. And it might look little but there's plenty of food. Plus they give you rice to come with your dish you ordered... so don't order too much. What I like is the staff would tell u " oh it will be too much or enough " instead of trying to sell and have you order stuff like crazy. This much food for 2 and we still brought some home.... try them; you will like it.


Molly R.

We ordered the Samosas and the Dinner for 2  Non - Vegetarian, which included: Salad, Tandoori Chicken, Seekh Kabab, Chicken Curry, Aaloo Mater, Rice, and Naan. We replaced the Chicken Curry for Butter Chicken, and got Garlic Naan instead of regular. Everything had great flavor, and the Butter Chicken was perfect, not too heavy/rich compared to other places. The portion was just enough for the both of us, with some left over. After eating our leftovers we weren't satisfied with the small portion left, we thought about going again lol.


Mihir N.

The Best Naan ever, Those Garlic And Tulsi Naan were to die for. Among all the Indian restaurants serving Punjabi food I have tried so far, this was the best place to have Saag Paneer and Karahi Paneer. Aroma of all the spices and food from their clay oven were so good, We ended up ordering multiple extra dishes just so that we can try more of their good food. Portion size was decent enough compared to other places.  Won't look anywhere else next time we are around Stockton. Cheers & Good luck to the family serving the stockton community since many years and travelers like us!


Lillian W.

The review is for the lunch buffet. I ate here for the first time last week on a Saturday. I was in the area and used Yelp to decide on a lunch spot. On Yelp, Tandoori Nites has a high rating and local folks love it. So off I go to try it out. As I opened the door to the restaurant, yes I can smell the food. I could also feel the warmth of the interior vs the coolness of the outside temperature. They need to turn up the air conditioning. The two people working there were very nice and attentive. The buffet had about 10 hot items, small iceberg salad cut, and chutneys. I was brought  complimentary plain naan.  The food looked and smelled great. But it lacked flavor/spices and was quite bland for my liking. WAS IT AN OFF DAY? WHAT HAPPENED? IS IT ALWAYS LIKE THAT? I don't know. I tried 6 out of the 10 items. However I did enjoy the naan and tandoori chicken though. The  naan was my favorite, it was great tasting. It was served freshly baked. It had a real crispness to it. Also to address the big elephant that is Stockton...if you are not familiar with Stockton...let me tell you ....the area is sketchy looking like most of Stockton. I had no issues on my visit. I grew up in that area many decades ago. Back then it was a different look and vibe. The exterior of the strip mall has not changed since they built the place nearly 40 years ago.


Rachel K.

This is our favorite Indian restaurant, not just in town, ever. We decided to give this place a try based on Yelp reviews and knew we had a winner when we opened the door and had delicious spices greet us, the smell is AMAZING! Really the moment you smell the food you're transported to a relaxed and comforted state as your mouth begins to water and you start to wonder if you should order an extra dish, just to try it. One of the great things about Tandoori Nites is that during lunch they have a buffet along with the regular menu so you can choose to try a ton of different options or order your favorite. I love trying a little of every buffet option during lunch and going back for my favorites. During dinner we've found our favorites are the Chicken Tikka Mughlai which is pretty much Chicken Tikka Masala with mushrooms and the Chicken Goa which has fresh coconut. Both are out of this world! We'll continue to try new items on the menu, but these will be regular orders!On top of the amazing food the staff is so friendly and has started remembering us... I think we're regulars now. They know we always order the Taj Mahal beer with our meals and if you like a nice cold beer with your food you should too! If you're looking for some great Indian food give Tandoori Nites a try!


Suki K.

This is our favorite Indian restaurant! I've been coming here for the last few years, and I absolutely love their Butter Chicken and garlic Naan. I've tried Butter Chicken at a few other places, and sadly, they can't compare to the Butter Chicken here. I highly recommend this place!


Mike S.

The tandoori chicken order was huge. Comes in like 6 decent size pieces. Good alternative for healthy chicken compared to kfc since it's cooked in a natural clay oven. The garlic naan was cooked perfectly, I've tried other naan at other restaurants and they sometimes comes out burnt on the bottom. I give them two stars less because the biryani was too oily and the portion was small for the price.


Eddie H.

I believe years ago this was my first Indian food experience in Stockton.  I loved the new flavors however my past 3 take out orders, where it says in black and white that I wanted extra spicy, they fail to add seemingly any spice...there's flavor yes but it's almost a faint hint of whatever the dish is...maybe it's only for togo orders that this happens but I think this is my last order for a while I'd suggest Taj Indian Restaurant. Really far away from here but much more flavor


Jade S.

After coming here about 6 times I need to change my rating. They are consistently good. Naan is always on point, warm and crispy. Not having Butter Chicken on lunch buffet forced me to try things I had not before. Now I am ok with no BC. Service and workers are the best. And don't forget when you go back to the buffet always get another plate. I just wanted a scoop more of something and I was immediately stopped and given a new plate. Okay with me.


Richard H.

One of the best places for your Indian food fixings! They even have a buffet bar at certain hours during lunch for you to try everything out. Their Butter chicken is my favorite dish.


Erin K.

Very disappointed in the decrease in serving sizes for to-go orders. I have been coming here for years, and have always been impressed with the amount in each serving. The containers were noticeably smaller, but the prices haven't been lowered. So I'm paying the same amount for less food? Also, the taste of some of the dishes has definitely changed. Just not like it used to be!! I'm hoping there hasn't been a change in management.


ian a.

My go to indian food. if you want a little taste of indian cuisine you can always count on this restaurant. the food is good and the serving size is decent. i called in for a pick up and the the guy who pick up the phone told me around 20-30mins. which is fine for me. give it try and see for yourself.


Chris C.

Very good food, In my opinion the best lamp curry dishes in the county


Sandy S.

If I can give zero stars, I would. It was so gross that we didn't even finish it! Yuk! Will never come back


Jennifer K.

Came here in a Friday night with my hubby for date night. Service here is amazing!  Very friendly and helpful with recommendations. We ordered the dinner for two that came with a little of everything... and everything was super delicious!!  You can tell everything is fresh!  The mango lassi was perfect to quench the spice from the meal. You need to come try this place. Amazing food and amazing service.


Doug E.

We had not been here for some time. We were in town a few days ago and stopped for the buffet lunch.Fast friendly service and the same great food!

About Tandoori Nites Restaurant and reviews